Our Customers are Awesome – Reflecting and Appreciating Our Customers

Cheers to Our Amazing Customers

We're not perfect. For the 4 years we've been in business, we've made plenty of mistakes. From typos to mixed up shipping labels, we've made our fair share of errors. Earlier this year, we missed one of the products a customer ordered when … [Read more...]


Our Customers Are Awesome

We mean exactly what the title says - our customers are the best! We've been operating Keg outlet for just over 2 years now, and in that time, we've met some great people along the way. All of those people share one thing with us - a love of great … [Read more...]


6 Southern California Beer Festivals You Don’t Want To Miss


Never been to a beer fest? You should probably make it happen in 2014. For all our fellow So Cal residents, I have compiled a list of some of the best of the best to check out all the way from Ventura County, down to San Diego. Don't see one of … [Read more...]


The Ss BrewTech Brew Bucket Fermenter Wall

Ss Brew Tech Bucket Fermenter Fridge

Another Huge advantage to the new Ss Brew Buckets is the capability to stack them!  We fit 6 in our handmade fermenter fridge along with 2 conical fermenters (The Chronical Fermenter)! Want to build your own fermenter fridge? Check out our post on … [Read more...]



Header Graphic_2

This year on Black Friday (Nov. 28th, 2013) we will be giving out a free 2 pack of Spiegelau IPA Glasses to anyone that orders $100 or more worth of product when you enter promo code KEGIPABEER at checkout!  This is a $24.99 value that you are … [Read more...]


Deep Fried Turkey This Thanksgiving – Propane Burners Shipped Free!

Propane Patio Stove

Get your hands on a brand new Bayou Classic stainless steel propane burner before thanksgiving this year.  These are perfect for deep frying your turkey, or just brewing a batch of beer on! Now through Friday Nov. 22 at midnight (PST) all of these … [Read more...]


DenverBeerGuy – Our October Free Mag Monday Winner


Congratulations to October's Free Mag Monday winner, Mark S (the Denver Beer Guy) from Denver, Colorado. He'll be receiving a 1 year subscription to BYO magazine. Mark joins our "long" list of winners (he's the 8th, but we plan to keep this … [Read more...]

hole House Plumbed with Beer!

Only in our dreams! This has got to be one of the best pranks ever!  Enjoy! … [Read more...]