Customer Setup: Triple Tap Keezer

Triple Tap Keezer

Simple 3 tap setup with Perlick taps. 15# CO2 tank is located in the unit, 4-way gas manifold. Room for 5 pin locks with low profile disconnects from Keg Outlet of course! … [Read more...]


3 Tap HD Mini-Kegerator

Harley Davidson Custom Kegerator

Thanks to John for sharing this slick Harley Davidson kegerator he made for a friend. Great work, amazing detail Cheers! Made a 3 tap kegerator out of a small upright freezer for a friend who's a Harley Davidson fan. Decided to deal with the … [Read more...]



Broncos Coke Machine Kegerator

Thanks for Eric for sharing this one: Made this one from an old Coke machine I had. Keeps beer at 33.8 degrees, can hold 2, 1/2 kegs and a 10lb co2 tank. Have a box around the shanks to keep them cold that is open to the cold side, works … [Read more...]


My First Keezer


No too different from the one already here, but after a day of thinking I was going to drill holes thru a good fridge I did this. … [Read more...]


Simple two tap kegerator


So I converted my garage fridge to a dual tap kegerator. I like it because it perfectly fits two slim quarter kegs and a 5 lb CO2 can without having to make any shelving or adjustments (I have the wood cut to build a support if I want to do a single … [Read more...]


Living Room Libation

Kegerator Build 2

Holds 4 Corny kegs. With the dual regulator, I can force-carb one and serve out of the other three. The freezer is accessible, opening over the top of the black tap handles, so I can frost chill my pint glasses and mugs.   … [Read more...]


My Kegerator

2013-10-04 13.18.26

Just putting this together; still little more work left to do. … [Read more...]


Custom 6 Faucet Kegerator

Photo Sep 08, 3 24 45 PM

My new favorite appliance. … [Read more...]