Ss Brew Tech Thermometer Specifically Designed for Thermowell of Conical Fermenters

Ss Brew Tech Conical Fermenter with Thermometer

The folks at Ss Brewing Technologies are at it again! They have come up with another little gadget that is a must have for home brewers with conical fermenters that have a thermowell on them. The new thermometer has a 4" wired thermometer … [Read more...]


The Ss BrewTech Brew Bucket Fermenter Wall

Ss Brew Tech Bucket Fermenter Fridge

Another Huge advantage to the new Ss Brew Buckets is the capability to stack them!  We fit 6 in our handmade fermenter fridge along with 2 conical fermenters (The Chronical Fermenter)! Want to build your own fermenter fridge? Check out our post on … [Read more...]


Whiskey Barrel Oak Aged Imperial Stout

Jack Daniels Oak Aged Imperial Stout-1

Last month we brewed our Imperial Stout recipe.  It has been in the fermenter for nearly 4 weeks now.   We decided on this batch that we wanted to age a portion of it in a whiskey oak barrel.  So we got ourselves a 5 Gallon Oak barrel to put our hom … [Read more...]


Become a Better Brewer with the 5 Best Homebrewing Podcasts

Top 5 Best Homebrewing Podcasts

As I found myself getting more interested in homebrewing, I began to find that I just didn't have enough time to read all of the books, magazines, blogs and other articles that I came across. This left me searching for other ways to find out and … [Read more...]


May is Session Beer Month and We Just Brewed Our Blonde Ale

Session Beer Month - Less Is More

The month of May brings a new craft brewing event (along with American Craft Beer Week). This May, celebrate Session Beer Month. If you're a homebrewer, and haven't done so already, join Session Beer Month by brewing a Session Beer - a flavorful beer … [Read more...]