How to install a facuet lock video-1

As promised after our last post; listing the instruction on how to install your Krome Dispense Draft Beer Faucet Lock, here is a quick and simple video that shows you how the faucet lock works and how easy it is to install on your draft beer … [Read more...]


Serving Coffee On Tap, CO2 vs Nitrogen

Coffee on tap - grounds and a single bean

We recently received a question from a reader about serving coffee on tap. It happened to be a question that we hadn't addressed the issue of which type of gas to use in any of our previous posts about serving coffee on tap. So here, we aim to … [Read more...]


How to Install a Draft Beer Facuet Lock

How to Install Beer Faucet Lock

Draft Beer Faucet Locks are great for restaurant & bar owners who want to keep their draft beer locked up and out of the reach of employees when they are not around.  They are also great for parents with kids that might be sneaking some sips … [Read more...]


How to Replace the Posts and Poppets On Old Corny Kegs

How To Replace Corny Keg Posts and Poppets

Replacing the posts and poppets on your old corny kegs is very simple.  It might seem a little intimidating at first since there are some loose parts inside of the post when you get it off, but don't worry, its not as difficult as you might … [Read more...]


How to Make Homemade Soda Using Soda Extract

How to Make Homemade Soda

Not only do we make beer at home, but we love to make soda for the kids and ourselves.  This is a great alternative to store bought soda because it is a lot cheaper and because all the soda you make at home is caffeine free!  How to Make … [Read more...]


How to Cold Brew Coffee and Serve Coffee on Tap

How to Cold Brew Coffee

Years ago, I started drinking cold brewed coffee. Why? When I started brewing (beer), I learned that adding hops at different times during the boil produced different chemical reactions - either releasing bitterness, flavor, or aroma. This got me … [Read more...]


How to Serve Iced Coffee on Draft at Home

Coffee beans - office stimulant

Iced coffee on draft?... What do you mean on draft?... Like draft beer?! That's Right, just like draft beer!! People all over the world are discovering the new way to keep and serve iced coffee at home. You are able to keep gallons of ice-cold … [Read more...]


Building an Old Fashioned Refrigerator AKA Fermenter Fridge – Part 1


A little over a month ago, we decided to build a refrigerator that could accommodate a few small conical fermenters, and have some extra room for storage of wine or beer if needed. After looking at what was on the market as far as refrigerators … [Read more...]