Spotlight: Yule Smith by Ale Smith

Yule Smith by Ale Smith

Yule Smith Keg Outlet Score: 9/10 Brewed by: Ale Smith Type: Winter Holiday Ale (Imperial Red Ale) ABV: 8.5% Glass: 5 oz taster. Appearance: Rich copper in color with a foamy head. Aroma: First thought?  Pleasant.  You get hops in … [Read more...]


Spotlight: Pliny the Elder by Russian River Brewing Company

Pliney the Elder Beer Review

Pliny the Elder Keg Outlet Score: 10/10 Brewed by: Russian River Brewing Company, Santa Rosa, CA Type: American Double/Imperial IPA ABV: 8% Glass: Sierra Nevada's Spiegelau IPA Glass Appearance:  has a great golden color with a foamy, … [Read more...]


The Brew Bucket – Affordable Stainless Steel Fermenting Bucket for Home Brewers

SS Brewing Technologies - The Brew Bucket

Next week will be the official release/start of sales for the SS Brewing Technologies' The Brew Bucket™! We are fortunate enough to be an exclusive partner with SS Brewing Technologies and will be selling their products on our website.  Any day no … [Read more...]


Ruby Street Brewery Review – This All-grain Home Brewery Kicks Ass!


As a follow-up to our last blog post, we wanted to give a more behind the scenes look at what you will get with the 15 Gallon Ruby Street Brewing System, and what it looks like in action!  You have already seen what this brewery looks like on the … [Read more...]


Ruby Street Brewery Shipping and Packaging Review

Ruby Street Brewery

We just received our Ruby Street Brewery and are excited to use it for the first time tomorrow!  It showed up to my home on a pallet which was well packaged.  There was padding under all the areas where the frame was rested on the pallet and all the k … [Read more...]


Home Soda Maker – Why SodaStream is a Waste of Money

Home Soda Carbonating Kit

People all over the world have fell in love with making their own soda at home vs. paying premium prices in grocery stores for essentially the same thing.  Carbonated beverages are some of the cheapest and easiest things to make on your own with the … [Read more...]