Customer Setup: Triple Tap Keezer

Triple Tap Keezer

Simple 3 tap setup with Perlick taps. 15# CO2 tank is located in the unit, 4-way gas manifold. Room for 5 pin locks with low profile disconnects from Keg Outlet of course! … [Read more...]


How to Setup a Kegerator to Serve Nitro Coffee

How to Setup a Kegerator for Serving Nitro Coffee

Nitro coffee has recently become a huge craze. Though we've been helping small shops setup custom draft coffee systems for years, we finally decided to put together a short "how to" video for setting up a kegerator with a stout faucet for serving … [Read more...]


My First Keezer


No too different from the one already here, but after a day of thinking I was going to drill holes thru a good fridge I did this. … [Read more...]


Living Room Libation

Kegerator Build 2

Holds 4 Corny kegs. With the dual regulator, I can force-carb one and serve out of the other three. The freezer is accessible, opening over the top of the black tap handles, so I can frost chill my pint glasses and mugs.   … [Read more...]


Custom 6 Faucet Kegerator

Photo Sep 08, 3 24 45 PM

My new favorite appliance. … [Read more...]


Wee Bit Brewery


6 kegs of wonderful!! Using a Montgomery Ward Freezer with the collar look. Don't want to puncture the freezer. Therefore the bucket instead of drip trays. … [Read more...]


7.0 Cu/ft Holiday Freezer to Keezer

Holiday 7.0 Keezer

I decided to go with the 7.0 cu/ft Freezer from Holiday because when I built this keezer I was living in a small house and didn't have a garage/bar room for a bigger one. I am able to fit 3 - 5 Gallon Kegs in there perfectly.  I am also able … [Read more...]


Size Doesn’t Matter: The Story of A Keezer

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I thought I'd share my keezer build though I'm sure it's pretty similar to others you'd find online. It started with the freezer which I bought used from my sister. First note.... measure the stupid thing before you agree to buy it from a family … [Read more...]