Pure Nitrogen or Beer Gas for Serving Nitro Coffee?


We get a lot of coffee shops and avid coffee drinkers inquiring about what gas they should be using to serve nitro coffee on draft with. Should we use pure nitrogen or a beer gas mixture for serving nitro coffee? If you are unfamiliar with beer … [Read more...]


Brewing a White Stout – The Results and Takeaways

Brewing a White Stout - The Results and Takeaways

Well, this is a bit later than promised in our prior posts Brewing a White Stout – The Inspiration and Brewing a White Stout – The Recipe. After having some computer problems (failed hard drive), I finally got the rig running again and found a little … [Read more...]


Installing a Stout Faucet for Serving Creamy “Guinness-like” Cold Brew Coffee

stout-faucet-intro copy

This video briefly walks through the process of installing a stout faucet into a keezer for serving stouts or as the title suggests, creamy "Guinness-like" cold brew coffee. The procedure seen in this video can be replicated for installing a stout … [Read more...]