Ss Brewing Technologies Half Barrel Conical Fermenter

Ss Brew Tech Half Barrel Conical Fermenter-crop

Introducing the Half Barrel Conical Fermenter from Ss Brew Tech!  This bad boy is set to hit the market in Late March / early April! The folks at Ss Brew Tech have decided to go big this time!  Forget the 14 gallon conical fermenters, those don't b … [Read more...]


Ss Brew Tech Thermometer Specifically Designed for Thermowell of Conical Fermenters

Ss Brew Tech Conical Fermenter with Thermometer

The folks at Ss Brewing Technologies are at it again! They have come up with another little gadget that is a must have for home brewers with conical fermenters that have a thermowell on them. The new thermometer has a 4" wired thermometer … [Read more...]


Jelly Belly Debuts New Flavor: Draft Beer


For years we have seen these tiny, yet delicious beans bouncing around in a multitude of different flavors.  In fact, did you know that there are over 100 different Jelly Belly Jelly Beans?! Well, add one more to that list: Draft Beer. The … [Read more...]


Free Beer for Canadian Athletes at the Sochi Olympics

Canadian free beer fridge at the Sochi Olympics

As cool as this is, I wonder if this will end up having a negative effect on the performance of Canadian athletes? Especially those who compete later in the schedule? Either way, this has got to be a first. Molson installed a special beer … [Read more...]


Ss Brew Bucket Fermenter Lid Gasket is Too Big! Or is it?!

Ss BrewTech Brew Bucket Lid Gasket-1

"The gasket for my Ss Bucket Fermenter is too big!" We have got a few people emailing us about the Ss BrewTech - Brew Bucket gaskets that sit inside the ridge of the lid being too big.  Let us assure you this is not the case. In the first … [Read more...]


My First Keezer


No too different from the one already here, but after a day of thinking I was going to drill holes thru a good fridge I did this. … [Read more...]


The Ss BrewTech Brew Bucket Fermenter Wall

Ss Brew Tech Bucket Fermenter Fridge

Another Huge advantage to the new Ss Brew Buckets is the capability to stack them!  We fit 6 in our handmade fermenter fridge along with 2 conical fermenters (The Chronical Fermenter)! Now that's a thing of beauty!! … [Read more...]


Cornelius Keg Posts – In and Out Outlets on Corny Kegs

In and Out Outlets on Cornelius Kegs

We get a lot of searches for "In and Out Outlets on Corny Kegs".  Many of the people searching these terms are new to kegging their homebrew, so we wanted to put together a quick and dirty post to help assist you in receiving better search results in … [Read more...]