Brewing a White Stout – The Recipe

White Stout Recipe - Brewing a White Stout

After being inspired by Track 7's White Stout, the discussion about how to create a white stout got much more serious. We began researching an formulating our recipe. Luckily, my buddy from Sacramento was able to reach out to someone who was … [Read more...]


Brewing a White Stout – The Inspiration

Brewing a White Stout - The Inspiration

In terms of beer styles, a 'White Stout' is as contradictory as a 'Black IPA'. Having said that, there are a large number of Black IPAs on the market that I thoroughly enjoy. White Stouts? Not so much. It wasn't until a few months ago that I had … [Read more...]


Our Customers Are Awesome

We mean exactly what the title says - our customers are the best! We've been operating Keg outlet for just over 2 years now, and in that time, we've met some great people along the way. All of those people share one thing with us - a love of great … [Read more...]


Corny Keg Identification and Thread Sizing

Ever wonder how to identify what type of corny keg you and how to replace parts found on the keg? Whether you have some old kegs laying around or you're about to buy some corny kegs, refurbishing used corny kegs can save you a good deal of money over … [Read more...]


FREE E-BOOK: How to Build a Custom Fermenter Fridge

how to build a custom fermenter fridge

If you are a friend of Keg Outlet or if you are a BYO (Brew Your Own) Magazine reader you may have already heard about our Fermenter fridge build. In this month's issue of BYO Magazine they featured our fermenter fridge build and pointed you to our … [Read more...]


Installing a Stout Faucet for Serving Creamy “Guinness-like” Cold Brew Coffee

stout-faucet-intro copy

This video briefly walks through the process of installing a stout faucet into a keezer for serving stouts or as the title suggests, creamy "Guinness-like" cold brew coffee. The procedure seen in this video can be replicated for installing a stout … [Read more...]


7 Books Every Craft Beer Lover Should Own

Best Craft Beer Books

Whether you like craft beer, or you're looking for a gift for a friend or family member who is a beer lover, these 7 books about craft beer are a great starting point. From beer history, to recipes that involve cooking with beer, these books are sure … [Read more...]


6 Southern California Beer Festivals You Don’t Want To Miss


Never been to a beer fest? You should probably make it happen in 2014. For all our fellow So Cal residents, I have compiled a list of some of the best of the best to check out all the way from Ventura County, down to San Diego. Don't see one of … [Read more...]