Where Did All the Perlick 525 Faucets Go?!

Perlick 630 Facuet - Replaces Perlick 525

The Perlick 525 series faucets have been a favorite draft beer faucet for breweries, bars and home brewers for many years, but not any more... The Perlick 525 Faucets have been discontinued and replaced with the Perlick 630 Faucet. Perlick's new … [Read more...]


Ss Brew Bucket Unboxing & Initial Setup Video

Ss Brew Bucket Unboxing & Initial Setup Video

This video covers the setup of the Ss Brew Bucket from unboxing through assembly. From start to finish, this video will show you what to expect and what you should do prior to the first use of your Ss Brew Bucket. This video … [Read more...]


Harvesting Heady: Culturing the Conan Yeast from the Alchemist’s Heady Topper

Heady Topper and the Conan Yeast Strain

Being on located on the West Coast, Heady Topper is a beer that we don't often see out here. And when I say not often, I basically mean NEVER. Anyhow, through some undisclosed sources and the workings of the interwebs, we were able to get our hands … [Read more...]


Kegerator with Dual Tap Tower and Dual CO2 Regulator


This setup was submitted courtesy of Dustin T. Danby kegerator Dual tap tower upgrade Dual co2 regulator Holds (2) 5 gallon corny kegs Cheers! … [Read more...]


Beer Engine System

Small Keezer

Normal dorm refrigerator holds two 5-gal ball-lock kegs. Drilled hole thru top and built box to mount the beer engines. Front of box held in place from rear with four hook & eyelets so I can remove it to get to the beer engines to remove and … [Read more...]


Free Shipping on Ss Brew Bucket Fermenters

The Brew Bucket 1

We were contacted by a couple customers who said that they'd like to purchase an Ss Brew Bucket from us primarily due to the fact that we are a small business, but they went on to say that paying for shipping could be a deal breaker. Well, they … [Read more...]

Flame out hop addition

A couple pictures from our Pliny the Younger brew day. Brewed on the weekend that Russian River released Pliny the Younger this year (February 7th, 2014). … [Read more...]


Beer vs Coffee: How they affect your brain [Infographic]

Beer vs Coffee

Since we use our kegging systems to serve not only beer, but also to serve coffee on tap as well as fizzy water, we figured it be nice to share the affects that coffee and beer have on your brain. Beer and coffee both cause chemical reactions in … [Read more...]