Free Shipping on Ss Brew Bucket Fermenters

The Brew Bucket 1

We were contacted by a couple customers who said that they'd like to purchase an Ss Brew Bucket from us primarily due to the fact that we are a small business, but they went on to say that paying for shipping could be a deal breaker. Well, they … [Read more...]

Flame out hop addition

A couple pictures from our Pliny the Younger brew day. Brewed on the weekend that Russian River released Pliny the Younger this year (February 7th, 2014). … [Read more...]


Beer vs Coffee: How they affect your brain [Infographic]

Beer vs Coffee

Since we use our kegging systems to serve not only beer, but also to serve coffee on tap as well as fizzy water, we figured it be nice to share the affects that coffee and beer have on your brain. Beer and coffee both cause chemical reactions in … [Read more...]


Does paying more for a cheap beer make it taste better?

Small [equals] Large

This has been going around the internet the past couple days, but I figured it was worth sharing since basketball and hockey season are both winding down and baseball season will be starting soon. Next time you're at a sporting event, think twice … [Read more...]


Ss Brewing Technologies Half Barrel Conical Fermenter

Ss Brew Tech Half Barrel Conical Fermenter-crop

Introducing the Half Barrel Conical Fermenter from Ss Brew Tech!  This bad boy is set to hit the market in Late March / early April! The folks at Ss Brew Tech have decided to go big this time!  Forget the 14 gallon conical fermenters, those don't … [Read more...]


Ss Brew Tech Thermometer Specifically Designed for Thermowell of Conical Fermenters

Ss Brew Tech Conical Fermenter with Thermometer

The folks at Ss Brewing Technologies are at it again! They have come up with another little gadget that is a must have for home brewers with conical fermenters that have a thermowell on them. The new thermometer has a 4" wired thermometer … [Read more...]


Jelly Belly Debuts New Flavor: Draft Beer


For years we have seen these tiny, yet delicious beans bouncing around in a multitude of different flavors.  In fact, did you know that there are over 100 different Jelly Belly Jelly Beans?! Well, add one more to that list: Draft Beer. The … [Read more...]


Free Beer for Canadian Athletes at the Sochi Olympics

Canadian free beer fridge at the Sochi Olympics

As cool as this is, I wonder if this will end up having a negative effect on the performance of Canadian athletes? Especially those who compete later in the schedule? Either way, this has got to be a first. Molson installed a special beer … [Read more...]