Brewing a White Stout – Recipe and Take-aways

We recently were contacted by a homebrewer, Dan,  who was looking for some information regarding our white stout recipe, so thought we’d pull up our old posts and drop in a page to consolidate links to the posts.

Some of the questions that we were asked regarding our recipe (and had a hard time recalling since this beer was about 5 years old):

  • Would you say that the amount of cacao nibs was a good amount? Or would you use more or less?
  • Why did you choose to add the cacao nibs and the vodka to the beer?

Answer? Here’s my best guess based on my limited notes:

I think the nibs we used were a good amount, but that being said, I’d probably use a bit more next time and just to the tincture as you mentioned. Reason being that we had a slight off flavor (not everyone could pick it up), but I think it was either the nibs or the coffee being left in too long.

One other thing I’d do next time is put the white stout on CO2 rather than nitro. No particular reason for that, would just like to try.

Here’s the video that Dan put together about brewing the white stout.