Thanks for Eric for sharing this one: Made this one from an old Coke machine I had. Keeps beer at 33.8 degrees, can hold 2, 1/2 kegs and a 10lb co2 tank. Have a box around the shanks to keep them cold that is open to the cold side, works … [Read more...]


Free Beer for Canadian Athletes at the Sochi Olympics

As cool as this is, I wonder if this will end up having a negative effect on the performance of Canadian athletes? Especially those who compete later in the schedule? Either way, this has got to be a first. Molson installed a special beer … [Read more...]


Only in our dreams! This has got to be one of the best pranks ever!  Enjoy! … [Read more...]


Size Doesn’t Matter: The Story of A Keezer

I thought I'd share my keezer build though I'm sure it's pretty similar to others you'd find online. It started with the freezer which I bought used from my sister. First note.... measure the stupid thing before you agree to buy it from a family … [Read more...]