5 Must Try Summer Side Dishes

If you haven’t already gotten out the BBQ (and grilled a few times), I’m sure you’ve been thinking about it!  This summer, shake things up and try some new side dishes.  These 5 recipes are definite crowd pleasers.  That’s why they are on our “Must Try Summer Side Dishes” list!

1. Grilled Jalapeño Poppers

We like these for two reasons: they are grilled & wrapped in bacon.

jalapeno poppers

2. Colorful Southwestern Salad

This salad offers a unique twist with cornbread croutons and a delicious made from scratch dressing!

southwestern salad

3. Grilled Creamed Corn

Grilled corn on the cob has always been a favorite of ours, but this recipe takes grilled corn on the cob and turns it into something special.

creamed corn

4. Summer Stuffed Vegetables

For our healthier readers, this recipe is unique and delicious!


5. Grilled Pesto Potatoes

Nothing says summer like fresh herbs.  This new take on the potato is absolutely delicious and perfect for a summer BBQ!


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Kelley is a former Division I college athlete turned Personal Trainer and Health Coach. She's a craft beer and wine enthusiast who loves to cook and create in the kitchen. Outside of the daily routine, she enjoys playing volleyball, snowboarding, mountain biking and everything outdoors.