7.0 Cu/ft Holiday Freezer to Keezer

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I decided to go with the 7.0 cu/ft Freezer from Holiday because when I built this keezer I was living in a small house and didn’t have a garage/bar room for a bigger one.

I am able to fit 3 – 5 Gallon Kegs in there perfectly.  I am also able to fit my 5lb CO2 tank and a 2.5 Gallon Corny Keg on the shelf together in there. 

I keep the 2.5 Gallon keg filled with flavored bubble water, which is great for dinner parties and when kids are over and want something 😉

Can’t remember what type of wood I used for the 2X6 collar, but it was whatever was pretty cheap at homedepot that had a decent wood grain.  I stained/sealed it with a Mahogany color stain.

Equipped with 3 Perlick 525 Stainless Steel Faucets, and finished off with the “Home Brewed” wall mount bottle opener on the side! 

The sign above the kegerator was just some scrap wood that I painted with “Chalkboard Paint” by Rustoleum.   It’s nice to be able to quickly write what is currently on tap. I plan on making a nicer version of this soon with a nice boarder.  Will post some more pictures when I do!


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