Beer Glasses You Should Own: The Must Haves

There is a time a place for everything.  The same is true for these glasses.  They aren’t the ones you will use necessarily use on a daily basis, but you should definitely have them on hand for when the time is right.


The Red Solo Cup

Let’s have a party! Corny, I know.  But who wants to risk the life of their precious beer mugs over some drunken friends?

Yes, while it’s true that the red solo cup isn’t technically a “glass” we all have used it for beer, so moving on.. I guess it could be “universal”, but I’m placing it in with the “must haves” – as I wouldn’t want it to be home to every beer I drink!

It just won’t offer what the pint or tulip will in terms of flavors and aromas.  But, for the parties where the beer of choice is light and from either a 30 bomb or a keg, the red solo cup is a must have.  A must have for the drunkards, for flip cup, beer pong, or just showing your manliness by smashing it on your head.  Plus, who wants to wash a ton of beer glasses the next day? I don’t. 

red solo


YOUR Beer Glass

If you are already a beer lover, you know what I am talking about.  In fact, you’re probably using it right now while paroozing the internet for more beer knowledge or home brew recipes.

It’s that special glass.

Maybe it’s too big for its own good, a throwback from college, has your name etched in it, or ladies… Covered in glitz and glam?  Whatever it’s shape, size, color, or decor, it doesn’t need to offer any added benefits to drinking out of it other than its YOUR glass and you LOVE it.

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