Beer Glasses You Should Own: The Universals

These multipurpose glasses are your go-to glasses for just about any beer. I think you will find yourself content drinking any brew out of any of these 3 glasses.  I personally own all 3, as for you, you choose your own happiness.

If you’re looking to save space, go with the pint glass.  If your looking for the best mouth feel, go with the tulip.  Or, if you like to cheers and drink LOTS of beer, the mug is where its at.  

Each one will hold its own in “The Universals” – the choice is yours! The choice to own one, or all three!


The Shaker Pint

Everyone knows and loves this glass.  With its slight outward taper from the bottom up, it makes this glass easily stackable – perfect for keeping dozens on hand, or having some chilled in the freezer without taking up too much room.  An added bonus about this every day glass is that they are cheap and usually very sturdy.  Sturdy enough to stir and shake up some cocktails, too!  If you are ever unsure of what glass to use, this is a good one.



The Tulip 

I know it might not seem like the manliest style of glass to drink your craft beer from, but it proves to give a better experience than your typical pint glass.
It’s bulb shape flares out at the top offering comfortable drinking while directing the aromas to your nose.  It’s round shape not only supports the release of these aromas, but also a foamy head at the top.
The tulip is typically designed for stronger, sweeter beers like Belgian ales or stouts, but it does offer a more enjoyable drink than the pint glass.  So using it as your universal, every day glass is A-okay with me!
The tulip will definitely hold its own as a multipurpose glass.


beer mug

The Beer Mug

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there is nothing better than a frosted beer mug!
No.. there is nothing better than clinking together two frosted beer mugs!
The Beer Mug is like the work horse of all beer glassware.  It’s heavy and sturdy, and it’s handle provides the perfect method for offering CHEERS to friends.
Not only can it house just about any beer, but it can hold A LOT of it.
Mugs typically range from 12oz to 1 liter (that’s half a six pack!)  It may not be as space saving as the stackable pint glass, but the beer mug is a staple and a go to for any beer.

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