Beer Glasses You Should Own: The Just For Funs

These are the glasses you could do without, but what fun is that?  


beer tastingTasting Glasses

If you’re like our family, you love beer.  Tasting and comparing craft brews is something we love to do.  Sure, you could use normal sized glasses to taste, but you will lose some of the aromas as the small amount of beer travels through the almost empty glass.  If you’re thinking, “just fill the glass!”  We’ll, clam down you lush, and take the time to appreciate the different beers out there.  What I recommend? Keep a bunch of tasting glasses on hand for tastings with friends and family… cheap ones are just fine!  As for you, you deserve your own flight board with your name on it.


Das Boot das boot

…Because its fun to watch the idiots spill beer on themselves.



The Wine Glass Beer Mug 

Now I know not all ladies are crazy about beer.  Or maybe it’s just the calories and fear of a beer belly they aren’t crazy about.  

Whatever the reason, it’s no fun being the only one drinking wine, so go ahead and camouflage that vino in a beer stein!

Or shall I say, Winestein?

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Kelley is a former Division I college athlete turned Personal Trainer and Health Coach. She's a craft beer and wine enthusiast who loves to cook and create in the kitchen. Outside of the daily routine, she enjoys playing volleyball, snowboarding, mountain biking and everything outdoors.