Cornelius Keg Posts – In and Out Outlets on Corny Kegs

We get a lot of searches for “In and Out Outlets on Corny Kegs”.  Many of the people searching these terms are new to kegging their homebrew, so we wanted to put together a quick and dirty post to help assist you in receiving better search results in what you are looking for!

Corny Keg Inlets and Outlets

Cornelius Kegs do in in fact have both an “In” and “Out” outlets on them.  Although, you don’t hear them referred to as this amongst home brewers or in the kegging industry very often.  The outlets that or on the top of Cornelius kegs are referred to as “Posts” or “Plugs”.  One is for the liquid (beer or soda) that is inside the Corny Keg to travel up and out of for dispensing. This is referred to as the “Liquid Post”.  The other is for attaching a CO2 disconnects to so that you can carbonate your beverage and put pressure into your keg for serving, and this one is referred to as the “Gas Post”.

Types of Cornelius Keg Posts

Corny Keg PostsThese posts come in 2 different styles; Ball Lock Posts and Pin Lock Posts.  Ball lock posts are on old Pepsi Co. kegs, while pin lock posts are on on Coca-Cola brand kegs.  These kegs were used by the soda industry many years ago to dispense their syrups out of, but they have since before a favorite for home brewers due to size and accessibility for filling and cleaning.

Corny Keg Disconnect Styles

Corny Keg DisconnectsAs mentioned above there are 2 different styles of posts or plugs on corny kegs; Ball lock and Pin Lock.  You can tell the difference between them in just how they look.  Ball lock disconnects are typically a little more stout and have a spring loaded pull latch that runs around the base of the disconnect.  Pin lock disconnects have small L-shaped notches in the base of the disconnect.  These notches lock onto the pins that are sticking out of the pin lock posts (hence the name “pin lock”)

Hope this information is helpful to all you home brewers that are new to keggeing ot thinking about getting into kegging!  We just wanted to share a few terms with everyone that may be new to kegging and is trying to search for these things but getting limited results.  Try searching with some of the terms mentioned in this article and you will have much better results 🙂


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