Filling The Brew Bucket – First Time Use Pointers

Filling-the-Brew-Bucket-1The SS Brewing Technologies Brew Bucket features a revolutionary design, which is a rotatable racking cane built into the side of The Brew Bucket.  This racking cane allows you to siphon out as much of your beer as possible without sucking up any trub.

We wanted to put together a quick “how-to” article about using this racking cane because there are a few ticks you should know that will help make your life easier when using The Brew Bucket for the first time.

How to use the Rotatable Racking Cane:

      1. The Brew Bucket - Rotatable Racking Cane

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        Only Rotate Clockwise: The rotatable racking cane that is located just above the cone at the bottom of the bucket is removable.  Being able to remove this is a great feature because it allows you to be able to clean all the small parts and crevices in-between fermentations.  The racking cane is secured to the bucket with a nut.  This nut can become lose when rotating if you rotate the racking cane the wrong way, so always make sure you rotate the racking cane clockwise when using (or when your Brew Bucket is full of beer).

      2. Face Down When Filling and Fermenting:  When filling The Brew Bucket keep the racking cane faced down (open end facing down towards the cone at the bottom).  This will prevent any yeast, hops, etc. falling into the racking can and potentially causing a clog.  Keep the racking cane in this position until ready to rack into a secondary, or keg.  As you all know, while the beer is fermenting, there is a lot of yeast flying around in there.  Once they yeast has finished its work it begins settling to the bottom of the fermenter.  If the racking cane is facing up, a lot of this yeast will fall into the racking cane and can cause clogging.   So keep your racking cane faced down while you fill the brew bucket, and during the entire primary fermentation.Once fermentation has complete and you are ready to rack your beer out of The Brew Bucket, turn the racking cane a half turn CLOCKWISE.  Your racking cane will now be facing upward in the beer.  As you begin to rack your beer out and the level of the beer starts to fall, you can follow the level of the beer with the racking cane by slowly turning clockwise to get as much beer out as possible, and stop just before sucking up any trub.

Other than that, there are is really noting else to using this bad boy!  It’s a great little fermenter and really opens some new opportunities for home brewers that are used to fermenting in carboys; like Top Cropping your yeast with ease, and not to mention how easy this is to clean out after fermenting in it, unlike carboys 🙂

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