Home Soda Maker – Why SodaStream is a Waste of Money

People all over the world have fell in love with making their own soda at home vs. paying premium prices in grocery stores for essentially the same thing.  Carbonated beverages are some of the cheapest and easiest things to make on your own with the correct carbonating equipment.  You can make caffeine free sodas, diet colas, sparkling water, flavored bubble water, and more!

Many people have found themselves buying the counter-top soda making kit called SodaStream.  The only problem is, you are still overpaying for that product because you are stuck with one manufacturer for their CO2 Tanks, refillable bottles and any replacement parts that may be needed.

Problem #1 with SodaStream:
The cost to refill or exchange your CO2 cylinders is unbelievably expensive!  When you run out of CO2 you have 2 options which are to find a local distributor to buy another tank, or you can send in your empty tank and have a new one sent to you for $29.99.  $29.99 for a CO2 refill is absurd!  It should cost you about $2-4 to refill a cylinder that size.

Problem #2 with SodaStream:
The cost of the bottles that you have to use with SodaStream. 
You are stuck using their bottles, which are made specifically for their carbonation machines.  You cannot use a standard soda or water bottle.  Soda Stream Bottles cost $19.99 for 2 – 1L bottles.  $10 for a plastic waterbottle… no thanks!

Now on to the good news, you can get a soda carbonating setup that does the exact same thing, but for less money upfront, and you will save ALOT of money in the long run not having to pay $30 a pop for CO2 refills and $10 a piece for their carbonating bottles.

What you need is a Keg Outlet Home Soda Carbonating System!  These Carbonating Kits come with everything that you need to start carbonating your soda and water at home, and cost less upfront than the SodaStream.  The kit comes with a Universal Soda Carbonating Cap, which fits onto a standard store bought 2L soda bottle (and also fits many other standard sized bottles).  This means no paying for over priced bottles that only fit a specific machine.  All you need to do is screw your carbonating cap onto any standard sized soda bottle and carbonate!

The savings don’t stop there!  The 20oz Soda Carbonating Kit comes with a VERY common sized CO2 tank, which is also used for paint-balling.  These tanks can be filled at any local paintball shop, or beverage supply store. The cost to refill them is usually between $2-4.  Not $30 like the SodaStream!

Lastly, with this carbonating kit, you have greater control over the amount of CO2/carbonation that you are putting into your beverage. The regulator has a dial-valve that allows you to adjust the pressure of the CO2 going into your bottle, giving you more control over how much carbonation you will have in your drink.

Don’t be fooled by the sleek look of the counter-top SodaStream. You will be paying ALOT more money in the long run with all the $30 CO2 tank purchases and Soda Stream Bottles that must be used with their machine.  Start saving money and buy yourself a Universal Home Soda Carbonating kit.

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