How to Brew Large Batches of Cold Brew Coffee – Part 1

Brewing large batches of cold brew coffee to be kegged and served as nitro coffee, or iced coffee on draft just got a whole lot easier!

As previously introduced, our new Stainless Steel Large Batch Cold Brew Coffee System was designed specifically for the avid coffee drinker, coffee shops, restaurants and bars looking to serving nitro coffee on draft.  Our system makes it extremely easy to brew anywhere from just a couple gallons all the way up to 30 gallons of cold brew coffee with ease!

In this 2 part post, we will walk you through first time use of our Large Batch Cold Brew Coffee System; from setup to kegging and serving on draft, as well as provide a helpful step-by-step (downloadable) infographic for reference.

how-to-brew-large-batches-of-cold-brew-nitro-coffee-1How to Brew Large Batches
of Cold Brew coffee (Part 1)

Step 1: Wash your kettle, coffee filter basket and components with warm soapy water or Brew Clean to remove any manufacturing residue.

Step 2: With everything clean, install your ball valve in the lower hole of your kettle, and install the plug/stopper on the upper hole.
Then install your kettle dip-tube inside the kettle by inserting it into the backside of the ball valve.

Step 3: Set your Cold Brew Coffee Filter Basket inside your kettle and fill to the brim with water.

Step 4: Mix in StarSan sanitizer or other Passivation Sanitizer at the recommended strength and let sit for 20 minutes, followed by an air dry to passivate the stainless steel.

Step 5: After passivation, drain the sanitizer solution from your kettle and let dry.

Step 6: After completely drained and dry, fill your cold brew coffee filter basket with the desired amount of course ground coffee.

Step 7:  Begin filling with filtered drinking water by gently pouring or spraying through your coffee grounds.

Step 8: Make sure all coffee grounds are completely wet, and off the sidewalls of the cold brew coffee filter basket.

Step 9: Place the lid on top of your cold brew coffee system and let sit at room temperature for desired amount of time (typically between 12-16 hours).

Part 2 of How to Brew Large Batches of Cold Brew Coffee (COMING SOON)


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