This video will walk you through kegging cold brew coffee using our stainless steel, large batch commercial cold brew coffee system for serving both nitro coffee and flat / iced coffee on draft.

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Cary is an avid homebrewer and a proud father. When he's not blogging, he unwinds by mountain biking, snowboarding, playing basketball and volleyball. You can connect with Cary on Google+.

  • Brandon568745

    Difference between the Nitro Keg and a flat keg process? How do you infuse the coffee so it has a nice foamy nitro head as compared with a flat coffee process?

    • Brendan

      Hey @disqus_mAdDskIhpy:disqus – the difference is really in the pressure. Flat coffee will be served at a very low pressure (4-8psi). Nitro coffee will be 30-45psi and you can help the creamy/frothy pour by an extended time in the keg under pressure, or you can speed up the process by using a Quick Cascade lid:

      Hope this helps!

  • Gregory VanHook

    What is the container you use to brew the cold brew called?

  • Nicole

    HI ya – do i need to keep my nitro keg refrigerated after it has been infused, before I pour? I’ve been told I will loose the nitrogen affect if I let it get to ambient temperature.