How to Replace the Posts and Poppets On Old Corny Kegs

Replacing the posts and poppets on your old corny kegs is very simple.  It might seem a little intimidating at first since there are some loose parts inside of the post when you get it off, but don’t worry, its not as difficult as you might think.

Replacing the poppets and posts on your kegs is a good idea if you are experiencing any leaking or if the disconnects just aren’t fitting well anymore.  In this post, we will be using an Used Ball Lock Corny Keg as an example of how to replace your old and worn out posts and poppets.

How To Replace Corny Keg Posts and Poppets

How to Replace Posts and Poppets on Corny Kegs:

  1. Identify Type of Keg – The Very first thing you need to identify is whether you have a Ball Lock or Pin Lock Keg, and the type of keg that it is.  There are different posts for different kegs; Cornelius, Firestone Challenger, Super Challenger, etc. (Usually markings on the side of your keg that will help you identify which type of keg you have.
  2. Purchase Replacement Posts and Poppets – Once you identify which type of keg you have, purchase Replacement Corny Keg Posts and Corny Keg Poppets
  3. Remove Old Posts – With a Socket, remove the old posts from your keg by unscrewing counter clockwise.  (You can also use a wrench to do this, but be careful not to damage or strip your posts when trying to unscrew, especially if you are just replacing the poppets inside and will still be using the old posts).  Sometimes the posts are hard to get off because they have not been removed in years.  Old soda and beer may be dried in there and creating a strong seal.  That is why we recommend using a Corny Keg Post Socket for removing them.  This is a good time to clean the threads where the post screws onto.
  4. Pop Out The Poppet – Once you have removed the post, the poppet should be stuck inside the post.  Set the poppet on a flat surface and push down on the poppet until it releases. You will now have the poppet and the post separate from each other. 
  5. Screw On New Post – If you are replacing just the poppets and keeping the old post, simply set the new poppet in the old post and screw back onto your keg.  If you are replacing both, make sure that you have your new poppet in your new post and screw onto the keg.  When screwing the post onto the keg, this will force the poppet up and snap it into position inside the post. Just be sure to make sure it is centered when screwing the post back onto the keg. Its that easy!

Stay tuned for a video on how to replace your Corny Keg posts and Poppets!

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