How to Serve Iced Coffee on Draft at Home

Iced coffee on draft?… What do you mean on draft?… Like draft beer?!
That’s Right, just like draft beer!!

People all over the world are discovering the new way to keep and serve iced coffee at home.

You are able to keep gallons of ice-cold coffee in your refrigerator, eliminating the need to brew a new pot of coffee every-time you want some.

We are talking about kegging your coffee.  That’s right, just like kegging beer, only it will be coffee coming our of your draft faucet at home!

We know what you are thinking… “I don’t know how to keg beer, or coffee, and I don’t have any of the equipment needed to do this.”  But we are here to tell you that it is much easier that you might think, and you could be serving iced coffee at home whenever you want, without having to brew a pot and wait for it to cool.

Keg Outlet offers a wide variety of Keg Starter Kits that allow you to keg any liquid that you want to have on draft at home.  Our kegs come in a variety of sizes; 2.5 Gallon, 3 Gallon and 5 Gallon.  These kegs are very convenient, easy to use and most fit inside your existing refrigerator.  They feature a large lid on top that is removable for easy fill-ups and cleaning.

There are 3 different setups for pouring draft coffee at home;

  1. The basic method is from a party tap line – This party tap is a hand-held dispensing tap that will just sit inside your fridge and you can grab it, and fill up your cup as needed. View the Basic Iced Coffee Draft System
  2. Refrigerator conversion – With this setup, you will drill a hole in the front of your refrigerator and mount a draft faucet with tap handle.  This is very convenient because you do not have to open up the refrigerator when you need your ice-coffee fill up. The faucet is mounted right there on the front of the fridge (similar to most refrigerators with water dispensing units on the front). This setup essentially allows you to have as many draft faucets on the front of your fridge as you like, or as many kegs as you can fit into your refrigerator.  You can have different types of coffee brewed and ready to go for each tap you have installed! View the Refrigerator Iced Coffee Draft System
  3. Draft Tower – The draft tower setup gets mounted on top of a shorter refrigerator, or freezer unit (that has been converted into a refrigerator with a temperature control thermostat).  The draft towers come with a wide range of faucets from the single faucet up to 6 on one draft tower!  View the Tower Iced Coffee Draft System

Now you just have to decide what Draft Iced Coffee Setup works best for you, and start brewing enough coffee to fill your keg!  The beauty of this setup is, you brew a lot of coffee at one time, fill up your keg, and you have iced-coffee on draft for weeks without having to brew more coffee!  Just fill up your cup whenever you need that refreshing drink!

What type of gas should I use to serve coffee on tap?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about setting up a iced coffee draft system at your home!

Want to learn more about cold brew coffee and serving coffee on draft?

The Ultimate Guide to Cold Brewed Coffee and Serving Coffee on DraftCheck out our free ebook The Ultimate Guide to Cold Brew Coffee and Serving Coffee on Draft. From brewing small batches to large batches and from serving coffee over ice to nitro coffee using a stout faucet, this book has something for everyone!How to Setup a Kegerator for Serving Nitro Coffee

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  • how do you prevent the coffee from becoming carbonated?

    • Also, Nitrogen will make its way into your liquids much slower than CO2. So if you are currently using CO2, switching over to a Nitrogen system would help.

  • Hey Shawn – The key here is going to be to use the coffee prior to it becoming carbonated. If the coffee will be sitting in a keg for an extended period of time, it will be important to keep it under low (or no) pressure when it is not being served.

    Just looked at your site on Google+, do you guys serve coffee on tap? The location looks amazing! Wish I lived in Washington!!!

  • Rick

    Will nitrogen be sufficient when running pipes up one floor(8ft floor to ceiling), and horizontal to the tower faucet, about 25ft in total?

  • Chris

    The link above to the “Basic Iced Coffee Draft System” includes a CO2 canister. Can I just sub out a “nitrogen” canister (sorry if thats a dumb question, I’m new to the game).

    • Hey Chris –

      The above links are for serving the coffee with CO2 (simple setups that assume the coffee will be served over a short period of time and not kept under pressure for an extended period). If you want to serve on nitrogen, you’ll need a nitrogen tank as well as a nitrogen regulator.

      We’ll be doing some articles soon about serving on CO2 v nitrogen.


  • richie

    I wanted to start kegging cold brew. I will be buying a kegerator, what do i need to change in order for the unit to accept nitrogen?

    • Hey Richie –
      You’ll need to swap out the CO2 regulator with a Nitrogen regulator.
      If you want to pour it “clean” you can just use a regular tap, but if you’d like to nitrogenate it and have it pour with a head like Guinness, you’ll need to get a stout faucet.

      Feel free to contact us via our website contact form, or through Facebook, Twitter or Google+.


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  • Cameron

    Would you suggest filling the keg with the straight cold brew concentrate? Should dilution take place in the keg or after the contentrate is poured from the tap? Thanks

    • Keg Outlet

      Hey @disqus_95dwMgSMyL:disqus – We’ve seen it done both ways. Some put concentrate in the keg and dilute with milk/cream/flavor when it is being poured. Or concentrates are great to pour over ice IMO because they’ll be diluted over time. Diluting prior to kegging is good with nitro coffees because those can be enjoyed black.

      Hope this helps!