Introducing the Stainless Steel Large Batch Cold Brew Coffee System

Can’t get enough cold brew coffee?

Large Batch Stainless Steel Cold Brew SystemNeither can we! That is why we have developed the first, completely sanitary, food grade, Stainless Steel Large Batch Cold Brew Coffee System!

Until now, avid cold brew coffee drinkers we limited to small, at home cold brew coffee systems, or cheap plastic buckets with mesh bags to brew larger batches. But not anymore…

Our Large Batch Cold Brew Coffee system is made entirely of 304 Brewer’s Grade Stainless Steel. What does that mean exactly? It means you are using one of the most sanitary and easiest cleaning materials on the market!

Not only is our system more sanitary than plastic, it is also more durable. Having a solid stainless steel system gives you the peace of mind that all your components are made to last! You won’t have to worry about replacing plastic parts that wear and break overtime, or that dreaded mesh bag that is terrible to clean and can never seem to get all the coffee grounds out of.

Another benefit of our stainless steel cold brew system is that you get a full featured, heavy duty brew kettle. Aside from doing large batch cold brew coffee, you could easily use the kettle for other applications, boiling water, cooking or our favorite – brewing beer!

Our Stainless Steel Cold Brew Coffee Filter Basket is designed to make brewing large batches of coffee as easy as possible! The fine mesh screen used in making our filter baskets was carefully selected to give you the proper flow between coffee and water, while still filtering virtually every ground from the coffee. All you are left with after your brew is complete is an extremely smooth, super clean drinking coffee!

Using our Large Batch Cold Brew Coffee System is as easy as filling the filter basket with the desired amount of coffee grounds, pouring the desired amount of filtered water gently through the grounds to make either a ready-to-drink or concentrate cold brew coffee, and letting sit for desired amount of time. When ready simply open the ball valve and let the filtered coffee flow into your keg, storing vessel, or even serve the super clean/filtered cold brew coffee over ice straight from the source!

And cleanup is a breeze! No floppy mesh bags that are impossible to get grounds out of. Simply hose the stainless steel cold brew coffee filter basket out from the outside and watch the grounds fall right out. Follow-up with a quick, warm soapy sponge bath, and towel dry, your system is clean and ready for use next time!

Whether you are a coffee fanatic who loves having iced or nitro coffee on tap at home at all times, OR a coffee shop, restaurant or bar looking to make and serve cold brew coffee our system is for you. We have various size systems to accommodate batches from as little as a few gallons all the way up to 30 gallons!

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