Keep Unwanted Guests and Kids Away from Your Draft Beer

Draft Beer Faucet LockIf you are like us, you have a couple of pesty friends that feel that they can help themselves to your homebrew whenever they want because its on draft?  Or maybe you have kids that are at that age where they are getting a bit mischievous and sneaking sips of your draft beer when you are not looking.  Or maybe you own a bar or restaurant and want to keep your employees from pouring themselves glasses of beer when you aren’t around.   Whatever the case may be, we have got the answer to your problem!

The Draft Beer Tap Faucet Lock fit most standard draft beer faucets and lock the tap handle in place, preventing any of that liquid gold to be dispensed.  These Draft beer faucet locks come with two sets of Keys, so only the holder of the keys will be able to remove the locks to allow for beer to be poured.

 These faucets have been tested and work on out best selling draft beer faucets; Standard Draft Beer Faucets

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