Ruby Street Brewery Shipping and Packaging Review

Ruby Street BreweryWe just received our Ruby Street Brewery and are excited to use it for the first time tomorrow!  It showed up to my home on a pallet which was well packaged.  There was padding under all the areas where the frame was rested on the pallet and all the kettles were double boxed and wrapped in plastic tightly to the frame.  Even the wood pallet made a statement with the “Ruby Street Brewing” mark stamped on it!

First Impressions of the Ruby Street Brewery:

When I first removed the brewery from the pallet and tilted it back onto its built-on inflatable wheels (which are great by the way!), I was very surprised on how light it felt (even with all the kettles and equipment strapped to it.  And I got to say, this thing is well built for how light it feels. It is a nice strong frame, with a very nice, durable powder coat pint job.  I love how they use the rectangular metal tubing for the frame instead of the traditional square tubing that most home brewing structures are made out of.  It just adds a little appeal and uniqueness to the overall design of the frame.  But I will admit I was a little skeptic before receiving the actual brewery.  Looking at most pictures that I found of the brewery online were from the side.  From this view, you are seeing the rectangular framing from the thin side, which made the frame look a little too thin and weak.  But let me assure you, in person it looks and feels pleanty strong, especially when viewed from all angles.  Overall first impressions of this frame are very good!

After unwrapping and unpacking all the equipment, I did notice that they had forgot to include the propane gas line and regulator!  I was a bit bummed because we had a big brew day planed 2 days later and without that, we cannot brew. So I contacted Ruby Street and they over-night shipped the missing part to us (with guaranteed delivery before noon!)  which saved our brew day!  So their customer services was excellent and very accommodating.

We still need to assemble some of the other parts and the pump to the frame, but other than that everything is looking exceptional and we can’t wait to use the new brewery.  Stay tuned for from pictures, info and reviews on the Ruby Street Brewery!

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