Spotlight: Yule Smith by Ale Smith

Yule Smith

Yule Smith by Ale SmithKeg Outlet Score: 9/10

Brewed by: Ale Smith

Type: Winter Holiday Ale (Imperial Red Ale)

ABV: 8.5%

Glass: 5 oz taster.

Appearance: Rich copper in color with a foamy head.

Aroma: First thought?  Pleasant.  You get hops initially, but then a sweet malty aroma lingers at the end.

 Taste: Caramel malt sweetness up front but the taste follows the aromas with a mostly hoppy profile.

Overall: Bren: “Oh whoops, I drank it all again.”


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Kelley is a former Division I college athlete turned Personal Trainer and Health Coach. She's a craft beer and wine enthusiast who loves to cook and create in the kitchen. Outside of the daily routine, she enjoys playing volleyball, snowboarding, mountain biking and everything outdoors.