Ss Brew Bucket Fermenter Lid Gasket is Too Big! Or is it?!

“The gasket for my Ss Bucket Fermenter is too big!”

We have got a few people emailing us about the Ss BrewTech – Brew Bucket gaskets that sit inside the ridge of the lid being too big.  Let us assure you this is not the case.

In the first generation of buckets and gaskets that were produced, the gaskets were a bit tighter than they are now.  They fit snugly in the lid when dry, but when you got them wet with sanitizer they would pop right out.  They became very difficult to keep in place and get the lid on your fermenter because they were just a hair too small.  So the Ss Team had a new size gasket created that aloud it to sit inside the lid of the Ss bucket fermenter when its wet or dry without having to worry about it slipping out.

How to put the gasket in the Ss Bucket Lid Correctly

We get folks emailing us occasionally saying their gasket is too big and there is an inch or so of excess when you work it all the way around the lid.   But just know that your lid gasket is the correct size, you just need to put it in your lid correctly and it will sit perfectly for you!

Instead of starting a one point on the fermenter lid and working the gasket around from there, here is what you do:

  1. Grab two spots on the gasket directly across from each other and insert them into the lid at opposite points (lets say 9 and 3’oclock)
  2. Then grab 12 and 6’oclock and push those spots down into the lid
  3. Begin pushing down opposite sides of the gasket simultaneously until the entire thing is pushed into the lid evenly.

This way you are pushing the gasket down with equal space into the lid, rather than starting at one point and stretching the gasket.  If you start by pushing the gasket in at one point and stretching it all the way around, you will end up with about an inch or so of extra gasket that you won’t be able to seat correctly.

Hope this helps all of you that have been having problems with this!  And hope you are all enjoying your new fermenters!

Let us know how you are liking them by commenting below!  Cheers!

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