Ss Brew Tech Thermometer Specifically Designed for Thermowell of Conical Fermenters

The folks at Ss Brewing Technologies are at it again!

They have come up with another little gadget that is a must have for home brewers with conical fermenters that have a thermowell on them.

The new thermometer has a 4″ wired thermometer that you can stick inside the thermowell of your Chronical Fermenter.  The Digital thermometer has a nice flexible rubber casing that slips over the outside of the thermowell tubing to hold it in place.  It features a digital readout that displays the internal temperature of your beer to the 10th degree!  Most thermometers only give you readings in full degrees, so its nice to be able to see if you are closer to one degree or the other!

Maintaining a consistent and accurate temperature is one of the most crucial parts in producing a great tasting beer.  Give yourself that edge by constantly knowing the internal temperature of your beer at all times so that you can adjust accordingly to produce the best tasting beer possible!

Hop on over to the Ss BrewTech website and pick yourself up one of these new Ss BrewTech Conical Thermometers if you haven’t already done so!.

And be sure to stay tuned from more of their exciting new products!

Click here to order your Conical Fermenter Thermometer.

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