Stainless Steel Disconnects for Conry Kegs

Stainless Steel Ball Lock Barbed DisconnectIf you are kegging your homebrew you are most likely using plastic disconnects for you ball lock or pin lock corny kegs. BUT have you ever seen Stainless Steel disconnects?!  Stainless Steel Disconnects are great because of their durability, which means they will last a long time, and easy to clean.  Not to mention, they look pretty bad ass 😉

These Stainless steel disconnects can be disassembles, cleaned out whenever needed, and you are even able to replace parts if ever needed inside of them!

Another cool feature about these disconnects is that they come in a variety of styles and angles.  You can get them with MFL Threaded ends that come off the disconnect at a 90° angle and 45° angle (roughly).  You can even get them with Barbed ends that extend off the disconnects at 90° angles, 45° angles (roughly) and ones that extend straight-up vertically!  So depending on how much room you have in your keg fridge or keezer, these angled disconnects can really help you fit and organize all your CO2 and Beer hoses.

Just wanted to share this new find with all you fellow beer keggers.  Click here to check out these Stainless Steel Corny Keg Disconnects

We hope to be carrying these on the near future!

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