Top 10 Craft Breweries Most Likely to Find at Your Local Grocery Store

Craft Beer at My Local Grocery Store!?

Our favorite place to buy craft beer is usually Total Wine or BevMo because of the selection they have in those stores.  But sometimes I am just at the grocery store picking up a few things and don’t want to have to deal with driving to another store for beer.  So I end up buying some good craft beers at our local grocery stores.  I end up paying a couple bucks more, but saves me having to drive to a second store and saves the gas money (which ain’t cheap in California!).

The most commonly shopped at grocery stores around here are Vons, Trader Joes, Ralph’s and Albertson’s.  All of these stores have really increased the selection of craft beers that they carry of the last couple years which is great!  The Vons by my house actually recently took out about a quarter of the isle of their wine selection and replaced it with all craft beer!  They should have just removed a quarter of the major label crap beers out of the refrigerated section instead, but hey I am just happy to see more craft beer in our local stores 😉

After shopping at all of these grocery stores for the majority of my life and especially over the last couple years with the expansion of craft beers that are being carried you tend to see many of the sames ones in these stores.

Top 10 Craft Breweries in Local Grocery Stores

10 Craft Beers You Are Most Likely to Find at Your Local Grocery Store:

  1. Firestone Walker Brewing Company
  2. Stone Brewing Company
  3. Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales
  4. New Belgium Brewing Company
  5. Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
  6. Lagunitas Brewing Co.
  7. Rogue Ales Brewery
  8. Flying Dog Brewery
  9. Full Sail Brewing Co.
  10. Trappist Beers of Chimay – Had to throw this on the list.  Always a treat when you buy one.  Especially the Grande Reserve Blue Label 😉

Look for some of these great craft beers at your local grocery store next time you are out and about!

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