Which Keg Coupler Do I Need For My Commercial Keg?

Which Commercial Keg Tap Do I NeedWhich Coupler (Keg Tap) Will Fit My Keg?

Many people don’t know that there are different beer tap couplers (sanke taps) for the different styles of beers.  This is because not all kegs are the same, and are brewed and come from different parts of the world.

Below is a list of beer brands and which keg tap (coupler) that will fit each keg.

There are many more brand of beer than listed below, but these are some very common kegged beers and will show you which coupler style that you will need with each one.

D – American Sankey
A – German Slider
S – European Sankey
G – Bass/Caffrey’s
U – Guinness/Harp
M – German Slider-New probe  

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S Amstel D Ithaca D Rolling rock
S Amstel light S John Courage D Samuel Adams
G Anchor Steam D JW Dundee D Saranac
G Bass Ale D Killian’s Red D Schaeffer
S Beamish D Labatt Blue D Schlitz
S Becks S Lowenbrau S Scottish New Castle
D Blue Moon S McEwan’s D Shipyard
U Boddingtons D McSorley’s D Sierra Nevada
D Breckenridge D Michael Shea’s D South Paw Light
D Brooklyn Breweries D Michelob A Spaten
D Bud Ice D Michelob Light S St. Pauli Girl
D Bud Light D Michelob Specialty D Stroh’s
D Budweiser D Middle Ages A Warsteiner
D Busch D Miller G Watney’s
G Caffrey’s D Miller Lite D Weinhard’s
D Carlsberg D Milwaukee’s Best S Woodpecker
D Cider Jack D Molson D Yuengling
D Coors D Moose Head D Zebra
D Coors Light S Murphy’s Irish stout “M” COUPLER BEERS
S DAB D Natural Ice M Aventinus Eisbock
D Dos Equis D Natural Light M Einbecker
S Double Diamond D New Amsterdam M Schneider Edel Weisse
D Fosters D O’Doul’s M Schneider Weisse
G Fullers D Old Milwaukee M Veltins
D Genesee U Old Speckled Hen M Zwyiec
U Guinness D Old Vienna
A Hacker-Pschorr D Pabst
S Heineken A Paulaner
D High Falls D Pete’s Wicked
S Hoegaarden S Pilsner Urquell
D Hornsby’s D Red Dog
D Ice House D Red Hook
D Iron City D Rouge

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