Corny Keg Identification and Thread Sizing

Ever wonder how to identify what type of corny keg you and how to replace parts found on the keg? Whether you have some old kegs laying around or you’re about to buy some corny kegs, refurbishing used corny kegs can save you a good deal of money over buying new corny kegs.

The first and most obvious difference between kegs will be the type of posts: Ball Lock or Pin Lock.

In recent years, used ball lock kegs have been becoming harder and harder to come by. That has led to the question: Can I replace pin lock posts with ball lock posts?

There are a variety of keg manufacturers, and as a by-product, there are also a variety of posts and thread sizes. If you have older kegs that you’d like to refurbish or replace parts on, try taking a look at our post:
What size and type of post will fit on my corny keg?

If you have any other questions about your keg(s), don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments. There are a ton of varieties out there and it can get overwhelming. We’re here to help if you need it.


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