Don’t Drink The Yeast! – New Corny Keg Design

New 5 gal corny picRevolutionary new concaved bottoms on our conry kegs prevents yeast from being sucked up the Dip-tube and into your beer glass.

If you have not bought yourself one of our new beautiful electro-polished, high gloss stainless steel corny kegs yet, this revolutionary feature may help you change your mind about them!

New Corny Keg DesignThis is a new design to our corny kegs which helps eliminate excess yeast from being sucked up the dip-tube and into your beer glass.

The all new design of these Cornelius kegs features a vertically concaved bottom (where practically all corny kegs to date have the concaved bottom sloping downward).  This new design allows for the yeast to settle around the bottom perimeter of the keg, while the dip-tube sits up on top of the dome Corny Keg Concave Bottomshaped bottom.

This allows the keg to suck the beer up from slightly above where all the yeast settles.  Allowing you to pour cleaner beers with lest residual yeast!

Check out the New Corny Kegs here!

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