How to Setup a Kegerator to Serve Nitro Coffee

Nitro coffee has recently become a huge craze. Though we’ve been helping small shops setup custom draft coffee systems for years, we finally decided to put together a short “how to” video for setting up a kegerator with a stout faucet for serving nitro coffee.

In the video, you’ll learn how to:

  • Assemble the kegerator hardware
  • Plumb the gas and beverage lines
  • Mount the draft tower
  • Install the stout faucet
  • Connect the gas and liquid lines to the keg
  • Type of gas to use for nitro coffee
  • Pressure to use when serving nitro coffee
  • How to pour with a stout faucet

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Check Out the Nitro Coffee Kegerator Video

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  • Tom Greene

    I’d love to see a video or tutorial on adding a second CO2/Nitro line to a dual tap Edgestar system. It seems like they have left a gap that 1 or 2 more gas lines could be run through the back. This would allow us to serve at one pressure while force carbing at another.

    • Keg Outlet

      Ahhhh… we didn’t notice that. The rear of the fridge has a grommet attached. We might have to pry this off and see if what could be done. there.

      Thanks for pointing this out, because up until this point, we’ve been suggesting that people with dual tap systems serving at 2 different pressures just put their tank (with regulators) inside the fridge on the back shelf. This could solve that problem AND make room for more kegs of coffee!


      • Tom Greene

        I think another hole with another grommet would probably be the best solution? I’m a bit worried to just start drilling but it would seem they moved all the refrigerant lines away from there!

        • Keg Outlet

          Yeah… don’t just start drilling. We’ll see if we can contact them and get some further info.


          • Tom Greene

            Did you ever find out if it’s possible?

          • Keg Outlet

            Hey Tom – We never heard back from the manufacturer. Thanks for checking back. Going to follow up with them again right now.


          • Keg Outlet

            3rd time is a charm. Got a response, though its not very helpful:

            There are important lines in the back of the unit but you can make the hole bigger so it can allow the 2nd lines. Please be very careful when drilling the hole. Have a great day.

          • Tom Greene

            Total CYA speak! Guess it’s just going to take someone with some stones to pull a drill out 🙂

          • Keg Outlet

            You’re exactly right. Their response translated:

            “You can drill a new hole, but we won’t be responsible for any damages. Good luck.”

          • Tom Greene

            Do you have a dead one or one that is in need of some modification? 🙂

          • Keg Outlet

            Hahaha… not yet unfortunately. However, if we ever do decide to make some modifications, we’ll be sure to share the successes (failures) on this blog!

  • Patrick Yoon

    Patrick Yoon
    Hi. Can I ask you a personal question?
    How to makes Nitro/Co2 %??

  • Kim

    Does the keg of cold brew need to infuse with nitrogen for a period of time before being hooked up to the tap? We hooked ours up (trying both 100% nitrogen and a nitro/CO2 blend) and it just pours regular cold brew.

    • sinan turunc

      Same problem i have…. solution ????

      • Keg Outlet

        See above solution.

    • Keg Outlet

      Yes. If you are trying to pour a “stout style” coffee, you will need to pressurize the keg with a Nitrogen/CO2 blend AKA “beer gas”. The keg should be set to 30-35psi and agitated (google force carbonation), or left at 30-35psi for 1-2 days prior to serving.

      Either of these processes allow the gasses time to dissolve into the liquid. This is necessary in order to get a creamy pour out of the stout faucet.


  • Bud Molyneux

    When serving the cold brew coffee, is it carbonated a little before pouring?

    • Keg Outlet

      Hey Bud – You’ve got a couple options with coffee, both should not involve CO2 or carbonation.

      1 – just use low nitrogen pressure to push the coffee out of the keg. Great for serving over ice.

      2 – crank the pressure up and “nitrogenate” the coffee prior to serving.

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  • Lee B

    I have a nitro cold brew setup, works fine on the first pour, good head. It’s just if I pour a second glass straight away – the second glass is always flat – any suggestions?

    • Keg Outlet

      Hey @leighbooth:disqus – You need one of these:

      That will agitate and “nitrogenate” your coffee more with each pour. The liquid that is removed is replaced with nitrogen within the coffee (rather than just nitrogen being added to the headspace of the keg).

      • Todd Gun

        How to accelerate the nitro infusion? I read somewhere that generally it takes about 2-3 days with periodically physical agitation. I have the stone with micro hole that infuses nitrogen with liquid. Still my experience is more than a day to see consistent head.