Our Customers Are Awesome

We mean exactly what the title says – our customers are the best!

We’ve been operating Keg outlet for just over 2 years now, and in that time, we’ve met some great people along the way. All of those people share one thing with us – a love of great beer. Whether its crafting and brewing your own beers, or just enjoying a cool pint of your favorite suds, our customers share the love that we have for craft beer.

Through all of our time in business, we’ve always been a small fish in a big pond. Competing against some of the big dogs, trying to gain and keep customers through overall helpfulness great customer service.

Have there been times when we’ve messed up? Absolutely. We recently had a big mess up, but our customers were not only understanding, but were sympathetic as well and helped us resolve the situation.

Here’s what happened – We were busy playing catch up after the holiday rush, and we got 2 shipping labels crossed in our warehouse. Result? Incorrect orders got shipped to opposite sides of the country (California and Minnesota).

Upon receipt, the first customer (California) contacted us letting us know that he had received the wrong order. He could tell by the size of the box. Didn’t even need to open in.

We began looking into it and discovered that, in fact, his package was on its way to Minnesota. We immediately called him back and explained that the shipping labels must have gotten switched in the post-holiday madness. He was beyond understanding and went above and beyond by offering to stick a new shipping label on the package and drop it off at the UPS Store for us. We provided the label, and he did exactly that for us. Most Awesome Customer Award #1

Upon realizing that the first customer received the wrong package, we were able to find the other customer (Minnesota) who had the first customers package on the way to him. We called him and explained that when FedEx arrives today, you’ll receive a package, but it won’t be your order. We explained how shipping labels must have been switched. He was also beyond understanding and returned the item to us by dropping it off at a UPS Store for us. Most Awesome Customer Award #2

In closing, we have the most awesome customers ever.

About Brendan

A self employed e-commerce developer, Brendan co-created PartsLogix. In his "free time", he coaches volleyball, enjoys homebrewing, mountain biking and hacking up golf courses. Connect with him on Google+ or Twitter.