Ss Brew Bucket Unboxing & Initial Setup Video

This video covers the setup of the Ss Brew Bucket from unboxing through assembly. From start to finish, this video will show you what to expect and what you should do prior to the first use of your Ss Brew Bucket.
This video covers:
  •  Unboxing
  •  Included Hardware
  •  Initial Cleaning
  •  Passivation
  •  Sanitization
  •  Assembly
Any questions about setup or usage of the Ss Brew Bucket can be asked in the comments area or via any of our social media pages.
Ss Brew Bucket Specs:
  •  Brewers grade 304 stainless steel
  •  Stackable during ferment
  •  Rotatable racking arm
  •  40° Conical Bottom for Trub Trapping
  •  Included 3/8″ mini ball valve
  •  6.95 gallon capacity
  •  Gallon Markers inside for visual volume assessment (marks every half gallon starting at 4 gallons and up)
  •  Buckets nest inside each other for compact storage
  •  21″ H x 13″ W product dimensions
  •  10 LBS
  •  Patent pending

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