What Are Your Breweries of Choice this American Craft Beer Week?

May 13-19, 2013 is American Craft Beer Week (ACBW). This week focuses on bringing attention to small breweries that may not normally be able to reach a large audience. So if you are a current craft beer advocate, make sure you introduce a friend or two to some new craft beers and craft breweries. The mainstream media is polluted with ads from huge breweries and beer manufacturers, ACBW is here to give the little guys a chance. This week marks the 8th anniversary of ACBW, an event that has grown in magnitude in each of its 8 years.


Get involved this week!

Think you’re already a craft beer aficionado? Try taking this craft beer quiz to see how you stack up. Want to attend an event? Visit the website and find an event in your area. Visit your local breweries and have a pint of their finest. Don’t know where your local brewery is? We can help you do that too – Find a US Brewery. Take a friend with you. In fact, take a friend who IS NOT currently a beer drinker. Share some stories about craft beer, the process behind it, the people behind it.

What are your favorite craft breweries?

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