May is Session Beer Month and We Just Brewed Our Blonde Ale

The month of May brings a new craft brewing event (along with American Craft Beer Week). This May, celebrate Session Beer Month. If you’re a homebrewer, and haven’t done so already, join Session Beer Month by brewing a Session Beer – a flavorful beer weighing in under 5% ABV (preferably under 4.5% ABV).

Session Beer Month

There are still a couple weeks left in May. Start formulating a recipe for a nice Session Beer, that way, when the warm summer months roll around, you’ll have something smooth, light and easy drinking ready for you.

Session Beer History

The idea of a Session Beer dates back to World War I when shell production workers went to pubs to drink beers. These sessions were from 11am-3pm and from 7pm-11pm. During these “sessions”, workers would guzzle up to 8 pints of beer and still remain coherent.

I’m not promoting drinking 8 beers in a sitting, but I’m all for getting away from the heavy and hearty beers that we’re becoming so familiar with today. With all of the Double and Triple IPAs, the Imperial Stouts, the Belgian Quads, a Session Beer is, for lack of a better term, refreshing.

We just finished brewing a Honey Blonde Ale. Actually, I’d call it more of a blonde ale with a hint of honey. We replaced some 2-row with a couple pounds of honey malt to give the beer a little sweetness. Come June, I’ll be sipping on a nice Honey Blonde Ale that should weight in right round 4.5% ABV.

So do yourself a favor – brew a session beer this month and have something nice to enjoy at the end of June. You’ll thank me later.

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