Nitro Cold Brew Coffee – A “Beer-Like” Coffee Infused with Nitrogen

Nitro Cold Brewed Coffee

Did you see the recent piece on CBS news about nitrogen infused cold brew coffee, also known as “nitro coffee”? If so, we’re glad you found us! If not, read on and learn a little about the new nitro coffee craze.

We’ve been helping coffee shops and coffee lovers get setup with nitrogen coffee systems for years and have helped configure custom setups for shops large and small, as well as for individual and home use.

The Ultimate Guide to Cold Brewed Coffee and Serving Coffee on DraftWe’ve learned quite a bit over the past couple years and have put together an ebook about cold brew coffee and serving coffee on draft – download it here.

We’ve also put together a couple videos that outline how to setup a kegerator to serve coffee on draft, or if you already have a kegerator, how to install a stout faucet to serve nitro coffee.

We’ve helped build and configure many custom systems for serving in-house or serving from a mobile setup such as a food truck or a bike. We’ve helped individuals add a faucet to the side of their fridge with a 3 gallon keg of coffee on the inside. Whatever you’re looking to do, we’ve got a solution for you. Feel free to contact us with questions, or browse our pre-configured nitro coffee setups.


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