Our Customers are Awesome – Reflecting and Appreciating Our Customers

Cheers to Our Amazing Customers

We’re not perfect.

For the 4 years we’ve been in business, we’ve made plenty of mistakes. From typos to mixed up shipping labels, we’ve made our fair share of errors.

Earlier this year, we missed one of the products a customer ordered when shipping his package.

I’ve been in that position before, and when a project depends on the missing item, it is a tough spot to be in. If our mistake puts a customer in a bind, we are more than happy to correct the problem and make it right.

In this case, however, the customer wasn’t in a huge hurry and was happy to wait for the item.  In fact, not only did he mind waiting, he was planning on placing another order and just asked that the missing item be added in with his new order.

I received my order yesterday thanks. However I am missing one item PN# KP316 Qnty 1. Order # XXXXX. I am not is an immediate need for it and don’t need you to ship it out immediately. I am going to order a couple of more items soon. I really like the KP115, I just got one on this last order to try it and I love it! If you want to wait I will get my order in in a few days and the missing item can be added to that order so you are not absorbing the shipping for one little thing I am good with that. Let me know if that works for you.

As a small business, we do everything we can to stay competitive with pricing and keep customers happy. When a customer makes the effort to help save shipping costs, we applaud that.

To all of you out there who support small business and are understanding when mistakes happen…

CHEERS! We appreciate you!


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